Prospecting and Evaluation
in gold mineralization objects of the Miyove region
northern Rwanda

Works in Rwanda were conducted in two phases from 2006 to 2008 year. The first prospective stage was conducted during two field seasons. Exploration stage was conducted from Jun to December in 2008.
At the stage of prospecting to identify placer or gold mineralization objects for industrial exploitation, the following works have been conducted:
  • Geological traverses on the irregular grid with mapping and sampling artisanal workings;
  • Areal panning at scale 1:100 000 (500-1000m step test) and mapping artisanal works in the valley of river;
  • Areal survey with sampling of cavities for evaluation of primary gold mineralization with crushing to 1.5mm and washing to heavy black concentrate;
  • Excavating of prospective mining workings to evaluate prospective structures for gold;
  • Evaluation of old artisanal workings for gold;
  • Gravitational technological researches of ores of weathering crust (solid and soft).
At the end of prospecting stage the detail sites have been located for evaluating works and the expected resources have been assessed by category P1 and P2 (Russian categories).
At the evaluation stage, the following works have been conducted:
  • Excavating of mining workings on an regular grid with 80m step between lines to trace ore bodies and to evaluate prospective structures for gold;
  • Geophysical survey by method of natural pulses of electromagnetic field of the Earth (NPEMFE) to trace zones of tectonic dislocations.
In three sites ore bodies have been traced.
In connection with the sale of licensed area by company Rogi Mining geological exploration had been stopped at the closing step of prospect evaluation works.
The territory of region is the table land with steep slope. The thickness of soft deposits is about 10m, sometimes reaches 28m. In this connection, more often we needed to excavate profiles of pits connected by underground dissection.
documentation by geologist of underground dissection
                    excavation of pits
local artisanal miner wash an alluvial gold
mining of primary gold by local artisanal miner on Masogwe diposit
the placer has been operated by local artisanal miner in the channel of stream
volcanoes to the west of area of works
Ukraine, Crimea, Simferopol,
Scientifically-industrial enterprise Institute of Mineral Resourser of Africa