Exploration to study objects of gold
within concession 26 in Sudan

Exploration has been conducted on the area with 5000km2 within concession 26 in Sudan with following results:
  • Staratelsky perspective site was allocated with area 3 km2 and is ready for exploration;
  • Two sites was identified for prospecting with total area 20 km2;
  • Within perspective sites, 4 ore zones has been studied with extension 1,5-2km. Within these zones, ore bodies are identified with grade 2-10 g/t;
  • Resources has been estimated of ore deposits and placers of gold;
  • Gravitational technological characteristics of ore have been studied.
Problems was solved by following methods:
  • Pre-field analysis of data, interpretation of airborne photographs;
  • Reconnaissance traverses by car to perform mapping and prospecting;
  • Prospect traverses with sampling of solid rock and loose deposits to identify sites for exploration;
  • Concentrate-mineralogical survey within perspective sites in some places with pitting;
  • Study and sampling of any kinds of quartz to identify of ore zones and bodies;
  • Study of solid rock with crushing and panning to identify presence of gold to find ore bodies. Especially the rock with hydrothermal mineralization;
  • Study and sampling of artisanal miner workings;
  • Pitting to identify gold-bearing structures;
  • Laboratory research;
  • Gravitational technological researches of ores and auriferous gravel.
Method of study of any kinds of quartz was very effective. Quartz develop on the ground extensively in stony desert. External view of auriferous quartz has been detected and it was possible to identify ore zones and ore bodies in geological traverses. Usually sampling has confirmed of visual evaluation of ore zones and bodies.
Exploration have been conducted in south-east part of Libyan Desert.
Stony desert. Wadi valley with dry (ephemeral) riverbed
Artisanal miners mining in the wadi
Place of crushing and washing of gold-bearing quartz
Mining of gold-bearing quartz veins by artisanal miners
Ukraine, Crimea, Simferopol,
Scientifically-industrial enterprise Institute of Mineral Resourser of Africa