Kinds of works we can offer on

Offered kinds of works on the African continent can be separated into three groups:
I group include countries with known and productive licensed areas. Current owners of licenses are ready to negotiate about entering the business new persons or selling the concessions. These countries are Guinea, Congo, Namibia, Benin.
II group - countries with substantiated and studied potential on precious metals and diamonds, where preliminary organizational work need to be done. More part of them have been studied in field by us. These are Benin, Rwanda, Uganda, Kenya, Mauritania, Liberia, Ethiopia, Sudan, Guinea-Bissau, Ghana, Madagascar.
III group - countries with substantiated potential on precious metals and diamonds where detailed analysis should be spent. Almost all other countries of Africa could be included into this group.
The short characteristic of the potential of the African continent and specificity of works is below.
The African continent possesses unique resources of minerals, especially regarding precious metals and diamonds. Africa possesses about 40 % of world's reserves of gold, and more than 90 % of world's reserves of platinum (if not to count Russia), and also more than 50 % of reserves of diamonds.
It is possible to note that at the majority of African countries the situation is similar. The agriculture in which usually occupied more than 70-80 % of able-bodied population provides with foodstuff the population of the countries with great difficulty: as a rule, import prevails over export. The basic hopes are connected with development mineral resources branch. However there are no skilled personnel, poor technological base, lack of geological professionalism. There is very solid interest in investments and professional geological analysis of areas, that are perspective.
We have to admit that capitals and technologies which come to the given countries, at successful realization of the offered projects become the center of interests of ruling elite of these countries. As an example we can take the republic of Mali where over the last 10 years gold mining increased from several tons to 52 tons a year.
Scientists and experts of our institute have wide experience of work in Africa at forecast, revealing and economic-geological evaluation of ore minerals. We invite to cooperate and interchange the experience of all who interested in working on development of a mineral base of countries of the African continent.
Further, for the purpose of attraction of investments, as an example, the short characteristic of several African countries of Ist and IInd group studied by us, including field works. Fast enough recoupment of capital expenses is supposed.
If you have interest to certain projects and countries, materials will be added to necessary volumes. You can send offers to the e-mail or to contact us by phone.
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Scientifically-industrial enterprise Institute of Mineral Resourser of Africa